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Opti-Coat Ceramic Coatings

HPD is Nashville's leading Opti-Coat installer

Hendersonville Pro Detail is a certified installer for the entire Opti-Coat ceramic product line.

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Make cleaning easier while also protecting your vehicle's original paint

Choosing an Opti-Coat ceramic coating creates a layer of protection that keeps your vehicle's paint looking factory fresh. Not only will you preserve your car's new look, but regular maintenance takes a quarter of the time.

Coatings require less effort to maintain their paint protective quality than a normal wash/wax cycle on a non sealed car.

Opti-Coat Ceramic Coating Pricing

Opti-Coat Pro3 - Contact for quote

Opti-Coat Pro+ - $1499 + Paint Correction

Opti-Coat Pro - $999 + Paint Correction

Optimum Paint Guard - $599 + Paint Correction

Opti-Coat Leather - $599 + Interior Detail

Opti-Guard Fabric - $599 + Interior Detail

Opti-Coat PRO Motorcycle - $699 + Paint Correction

Ceramic Coating Maintenance Wash

This was is the perfect choice if you have already taken the step to protect your vehicle.

Regularly scheduling maintenance washes will help extend the effective length of your coating.

Price: $125 - $150

- Chemical Paint Decontamination

- Wash

- Hyper Seal

- Vacuum

Opti-Coat Pro Motorcycle

Pricing: $699 + Paint Correction

We are happy to offer the ultimate protection package for your bike. Main benefits include:

- Opti-Coat's extreme hydrophobic properties help preserve your motorcycle's finish over time.

- Makes maintenance a breeze as cleaning is much easier and your bike will stay clean longer.

Protect your car today

Join the hundreds of customer's that have taken the steps to protect their investments and increase the longevity of their original paint jobs.

Trust Hendersonville Pro Detail to correct your paint and seal it for the long term. Our goal is your peace of mind.

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